Not a fan

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Maybe I’ve just had my fill of books like this, but dear lord this is every other overused cliche billionaire story with a side of steaminess. I’m sick of the steaminess too, I’m not even sure why I picked this book up in the first place.

The main character was so annoying, the relationship was really weird too. The power dynamic with the employer and employee is just not cute. Why do people romanticize it?? This book does exactly that. Not to mention I was getting total sexual harassment vibes at some parts.

I hated both of the characters, the guy was a total douche and he was so mean and I’ve had enough of the crap about the broken guy. There is nothing about this book that is original. The only reason this doesn’t have a one star is because the authors writing is not terrible, this story just is.

I did not like the girl for putting up with him either, what is it with the girl putting up the terrible guy when everyone knows she can do better. This was just erotica with a side of annoyance.