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When I read the first look for the very first time I knew immediately that I had to run and purchase this book. I couldn't put the first look down I had to know what happened after(not giving spoilers) The use of wording in the book gives way that this book is for the more mature audience type as if the content inside didn't give it away already. But the way the author was able to add in twists and turns was definitely keeping me on the edge of my seat and kept me interested in reading. The use of description throught the book is very well weaves through the rest of the story so the reader can get a clear image in their head of what they are reading. Throughout the duration of the book it didn't even feel as if I was reading. It felt as if I was somehow sucked through the book and watching all these events fold out in front of me like a live action show. This book and author are at the top of my recemendation list.