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I received an advanced reader's copy of this novel from the publisher after winning a giveaway on Instagram. All opinions are my own, any review is voluntary.

Fantastic Robin Hood retelling. Each chapter is a different perspective and really gives a big picture of what’s going on. The book starts off at war with Robin of Locksley and William de Wendenal acting as King Richard's body double. When Robin got injured the king sent the duo to find out what happened to missing shipments of supplies and weapons while Robin heals. The trail leads them to Sherwood Forest where they are robbed by Marion's men. Robin stays with the thieves and learns about the destitute poverty of England's citizens while Will continues into Nottingham to chat with the Sheriff to see if they can reconcile the land's turmoil peacefully and head back to war to be with their king. Everyone believes themselves to be the “good guy” and helping the most for the community but the consequences make them all the “bad guys” in someone else point of view.

I love the layers of complexity and character dynamics! Getting to see everyone's point of view really skews the roles of hero and villain! Doing the wrong thing for the right reason still doesn't make you right. Same as following the law without having compassion for the citizens can make you bad. It was really hard finding someone to root for and someone to hate. My allegiance changed with each new point of view. SO SO SO well written! It is very evident a lot of time and love was put into this work. I didn't even mind the language was inconsistent.

Also- THE ENDING! "you're not ready for my brand of outlaw." - Robin Hood