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To say that David Galloway is lonely would be a major understatement. But for a man born in the mid 1800s, life among "mortals" has brought the pain of loss too many times for him. After a terrible accident, David (then Scottish immigrant and soldier John Russell) is given an experimental serum by the local doctor that not only saves his life, but leaves him forever unable to die unless killed outright. The past thirty years his annual 'rejuvenation' has been harder to take, aging and returning to the age of thirty-five....for one hundred thirty-two years. He's often wondered if he alone has been made by God to suffer in this way. When David discovers that daredevil celebrity Zachary Wilson survived an drop of thousands of feet he has to know.....is he also unable to die? In pursuit of that answer, David meets Zac, Simon, Colm and Moira....all patients of the same doctor, the same experience, the same lives since. Unable to remain too long in one place as those who know them continue to age, they've all struggled to make lives among the "mortals". As the other four "longevites" bring him into their fold, David is faced with learning to trust in God's purpose for him and those like him, his willingness to open his heart to both God and a woman he has been in love with for two years, Tiana, and with bringing an end to one in their midst who has betrayed them all. Part fantasy, part soul-searching, this is a unique and challenging look at eternal life. My thanks to Bookish First and to Shiloh Run Press for sharing this title with me.