Totally different than anything I've ever read! Only a first glimpse, and I want more!

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Amanda G. Stevens has given us a treasure in "No Less Days". She introduces the reader to each character with just enough information to whet curiosity as to what is going to be their importance. Her descriptions of these initial characters is a great insight as to how they will merge together to create the story line, and in just this initial view, she manages to engage the reader's desire to know more. Her description of David, the "past elderly" book shop owner, paints him as a crotchety old gentleman, yet lets us peak at his tender side, and Tiana, his young shop assistant, brings out this caring side of his character. We are given a hint as to the uniqueness of David's age, and Ms. Stevens then introduces a new character, who may be more kindred to David than one could every guess.

I can't wait to see what happens. Neither will you want to wait, once you begin!