This Begins a Tale

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After receiving "From Sky to Sky" through the Amazon Vine program, which continues Zach's story, I learned it began here in this story. So, this is definitely a MUST read prior to FSTS.

This is SUCH an interesting concept especially in Christian fiction. I was completely blown away by such an idea of immortal humans. Not vampires or demons, but actual human beings. Then again, some believed that Methuselah lived to be 800 years old, so I guess this COULD be possible.

The author creates such a hook that readers are drawn to the story and characters. Even after this is over, you're going to rush for the second book. And, again, if you haven't read this, you will need to.

What is even more interesting is that David is a bookstore owner. What a quaint way to hide one's self.

The writing between the books is so similar the reader is going to be hooked from this one going into the second.