Started out good, then got preachy

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The beginning of the book was enjoyable, had a good mystery and a likable enough protagonist. I enjoyed him finding a group of people who were immortal like him and the author did a good job explaining the experimental procedure that made them that way. It was the parts with his romance that turned me off from the book towards the end. It was fine at first, with him having to convince her that he really was immortal and not crazy, but then for some reason it got annoyingly preachy about religion. Whenever she got the chance, she kept bringing it up and trying to force him to join the church again. Then they were both like I'll pray on it, pray on that, pray for you, etc. This was unnecessary and turned me off to both of them. Religion is fine but it doesn't need to be shoved down your throat like this. Also the plot during the second half was boring as well. Then it went and ended on a cliffhanger during the plot that was already boring me and doesn't make me want to pursue further.