Really Unique Book

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This was a fantastic book for me. The writing was written in such a way that there was a lot of detail but it was still easy to understand. That enhances the enjoyment of a book, particularly when it is in the sci-fi/fantasy genre. Fantasy is my favorite genre, and the part where the protagonist does not age fascinates me. This makes me wonder what I would do if I knew I could live indefinitely.

How will I keep my secret and where would I live? Will I put my faith in anyone?

This book was ideal for me as a reader. Since I work in a library, I might relate to the bookstore and management aspects of the story. I could relate to David's depression and isolation, and I appreciated a faith-based book that didn't try to force Christianity on me. Thank you so much for this; I really enjoyed it. I am looking forward to more books by this author and in this genre!