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Nowhere does this book say it's Christian fiction. EDIT: Ok on the Amazon page it does but as I got an ARC, I didn't know it was. I don't mind reading Christian fiction but I do like to be warned beforehand. This is considered speculative fiction and that's all I've seen for genre. So I will warn other people.

Going into this I liked it. I liked the concept a lot and thought it was pretty interesting. Then we got too religious for my taste but I'm actually surprised it didn't get MORE religious because I saw where it could have gone. When I told my husband the premise of the book he immediately said angels. And that's where I thought this was going. And maybe there will be a sequel in which it does go that far. I won't be reading that though. There were some surprising parts. It got to be a crime novel as well and I was VERY surprised that they were so nonchalant, except Moira, about who was committing the crimes. It didn't feel like they put enough weight into their decision and I was also VERY surprised Tiana was just like ok yeah do what you gotta do. As she was a god-fearing woman, I thought for sure she would be very upset and try to reason with them like Moira did. I definitely agree with their decision but as a Christian fiction book, I thought there would be more moral quandaries and asking god what to do. Not my cup of tea but interesting story.