I was intrigued!

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I really don't know what to say about this book, except it wasn't what I thought. When David tracks down Zac, I wasn't expecting him to find more who were like himself. To hear what the good ole doctor did to each of them in the name of helping was just the opposite. I don't know a person who would want to live forever while those they love die around them. You see that in the way Colm chooses to deal with the death of his loved one. And poor Zac and Moira, what could they have possibly had if they had allowed the truth to stand before them.

So when David starts to fall in love, I want the relationship to work. But to throw in the spiritual twist seems like it came out of left field. Amanda does a pretty good job of integrating it into the story line and I think her discussion questions at the end of the book tie it all together.