I'm confused....

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Thanks to Bookish Firsts and the author for a copy to read and give my opinion.

David doesn't grow old, and after reading about a stunt driver falling from the Grand Canyon, he thinks there might be more like him.

Well I have to say this book was really all over the place in terms of detail, not to mention I did not feel like that was even an ending. My first instinct was that there was way too much going on in this book, too many side shows and not enough attention to the actual blurb. I thought this was going to be one of those lazarus' books, but the faith part didn't even come in until three quarters of the book. Instead of this being David's book, it roped in characters that just made them see unnecessary and didn't add to the story.

Jayden didn't really belong in the book, nor did David finding her a job in the end have anything to do with the blurb. I didn't feel like Tiana, his bookstore helper aka girlfriend really fit either. Colms story doesn't really fit either if you ask me.

You have Moira, Zac, Simon, Colms, and David saved from dying by a doctor who gives them eternal life. Simon plays very little role in this book. You get a big look at Moira, and Zachary but learn very little about the other two until Colms comes out of the shadows.

I'm just a bit puzzled now. This book really has me baffled. A story has a beginning, middle, and end. The author introduces more of the longevites in the end, but no explanation. The book just ends. I guess I'm just confused. I gave it two stars.