I enjoyed this original story!

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This is the first book I have read by Amanda G. Stevens, and I’ll definitely be looking for more by her. After awhile, it starts to feel as if most of what is on the market has a variation of the same plot. This one is definitely original.

The main character, Zachary Wilson, has lived over 100 years and doesn’t understand why. As a Christian, he feels that he has a purpose, and maybe that’s the reason he can’t die. His faith is always apparent in the story, as he prays for God to give him strength to do what is required of him.

The story is complex, filled with interesting developments, and is written in a way that kept me turning pages late into the evening. Some of the characters were more likeable than others, which always adds more layers to the book. The character development is very good, as how each lives and the experiences that shaped them are shown as the story evolves. I definitely liked Zachary and reading about his developing relationship with Tiana, who was a Christian and turned out to be a good source of support for Zachary.

This would make a good series, and I hope the author come out with another book using the immortal characters.