I didn't expect to live this so much!

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This one really blew me away! Going into No Less Days I expected to maybe enjoy it but not to be blown away by it! This is one of the first Speculative Suspense books I've read and I appreciated the Christian aspect Amanda G. Stevens brought to it. I'll admit it did start out a bit slow but it did pick up pretty quickly. I loved the slowly developing romance between David and his bookstore employee Tiana(who I loved by the way!) This really is a thought-provoking read and I guess that's what speculative fiction is supposed to do so I can tell you the author but it on the head with this one! I loved David's character a lot. I just wanted to squeeze him! He was such a loner. I think that's why I loved the sweet relationship between him and Diana so much. I just wanted him to be happy! I'm really hoping there's a second book!