I couldn't get into this book

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This is the first book I DNF’d (at around 56%) in a long time!
I did not particularly care for this book, I am also really not sure what the point is. I mean the MC and his shop keeper have had the same conversation 23234543 times:

“So you are old”
Grabs random old object from shop “So this was made in the civil war era and you were like 30?”
“So you are like old”

It sounded like the a good idea that just didn't pan out. The writing itself is not horrible, the plot movement though.....

NONE of the characters grabbed me and the plot was sooooo drawn out. I just really couldn’t get with this book and I couldn’t bear to finish it. I don’t even care how it ends.

I am not sure if I would attempt another book by this author...