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From the cover detail to the stunning map artwork, this is a beautifully presented novel. Armstrong effortlessly created a magical underworld of transferable magic and the women who harness these elemental gifts they're slowly learning to discover more about.

Even after I finished, my initial reaction towards the atmosphere still stands. It feels like a captivating mixture of glitzy flapper days and Regency feminine requirements.The heroines of this novel each have flaws and deeply rooted character depth that blossoms as they come together in strength and friendship. I really enjoyed the sisterly "witchy" bond of the characters alongside their different backgrounds and their secrets.

The plot moves at a steady pace as the reader watches the games of the political and the powerful unfold. The ritualistic portions of the Caske, the fight for freedom, the truth behind the magic are catching plot points that kept me entertained. I will admit I found myself wandering at the length though. Minor moments where I would think it could end but something moved it a notch forward. One minor standout in an otherwise utterly lush narrative.

I would recommend this beauty in a heartbeat to readers who love magical novels that are not weighed down in romantic squabbles or overdone inner monologue. Armstrong hit this one right out of the park. Stunning inside and out. True rating 4.5/5!