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I enjoyed the plot of this book, I'm a sucker for forbidden magic. The magic system itself was also quite cool, magic that can be temporarily gifted with a kiss but can't be stolen? Heck yes! I did like the dynamic between the three main characters though as individuals I didn't find them compelling or interesting.

I found it slow in places and I wasn't a big fan of the chapter break pages especially since some of what was said in them was also said later in the actual chapter. The bird theme got a little overused. I also didn't particularly care for any of the characters. They were all okay, but there wasn't a single character in the whole book I was excited for, none of them felt especially unique either so I got them mixed up early on (not just the main girls, I'm talking about the entire cast).

I'll likely pick up the next book though to see more of the world and see what happens next.