Magic and Political Intrigue

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“Perhaps courage is a thing you choose, like friendship. It’s choosing to have faith in the voice within.”

Wow I loved this book! It has such great world building, an action packed plot with twists, and unique characters with distinct personalities. The politics in this book were written so well. There are so many conflicts happening all at once that keep the story moving.

Our main characters are dealing with persecution from the church, hostility from the ruler of their city, they can’t trust the nobility, and they’ve got gangs running part of the city. While the church’s whole “women shouldn’t have power” justification did feel a little cheesy and on the nose, I feel like it was a pretty realistic reaction to the world this story is set in. Magic has been missing and/or hidden for years except for these three girls and it seems pretty reasonable to me that extremely religious people would react this way, especially men. It was also interesting to see how class or social status was brought into this story. Each of our characters have different backgrounds that really influence their actions.

What I loved most about this story was how important female friendship was and how it developed. I loved seeing the girls begin to trust each other and grow closer. They started working together and building that connection until eventually they saw each other as sisters. Overall, I loved this so much and I cannot wait for the next book!

Thank you to BookishFirst for sending me a finished copy!