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Ok – I really, REALLY enjoyed this book. The magic system can be slightly vague but it is also because the girls are learning as they go. Which is smart. In addition, the women of history (the Fyrebirds) were mostly obliterated from common knowledge besides myths, scraps, and old stories. Seeing the world through the eyes of each Nightbird provided a good variety of context to the world as well because they didn’t all come from the same walks of life. I hope to see more page time from all of the Nightbirds in the next book.

When was the last time she screamed? She doesn’t remember, but she recalls what Dame said when she did. Great House ladies don’t make such a riot. Such a thing is too loud, too raw, too much. They taught her to stuff her wildness down, buried where no one would see it. She didn’t know, until tonight, how much of herself she kept contained.

I really enjoyed the chapter-end story additions and their varied content. They provided extra context surrounding events, people, and the history of Eudea/Simta. Fantasy + maps go hand in hand, and this book has one of Eudea and the city of Simta. There were a couple of “glitches in the matrix” where accessories were mentioned but there wasn’t any page time about them prior – like picking them up?

Her grandda always said she had a sheldar singing through her. Just listen for her tune and have the courage to answer. Perhaps courage is a thing you choose, like friendship. It’s choosing to have faith in the voice within.

I am very, very much looking forward to reading the sequel to this book. It was extremely well written and thought out; yes, there were some clichés but for a vibrant world and magic system? I’ll take it. A big thank you to BookishFirst for the giveaway chance/option to use points and the publisher for a copy of this exciting and beautiful new fantasy. I can’t wait to see where the Nightbirds fly.