Luscious worldbuilding!

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Nightbirds by Kate J. Armstrong was a pleasant surprise for me. The plot was fresh and original with luscious worldbuilding and beautifully crafted settings.

The four main female characters come from vastly different backgrounds—some poor and others better off. The opportunity to be a nightbird offers the poorest family a chance to have a better life, although, the girl in question has to leave her home. They are kept safe by hawks who are their personal security guards and end up working in luxuriant settings giving kisses that benefit the men who pay richly for the privilege to get them. The character development throughout the story is well done with each of the three nightbirds becoming faced with obstacles they have to overcome.

But all is not right in this land where there are those in religious groups who want nothing more than to cleanse the land from all types of magic, because of that, there is plenty of intrigue and action. The girls are also left not knowing who they can trust. This book Was well written, and I enjoyed reading it.