Forbidden magic at its best.

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Whimsical and evocative, Nightbirds lured me in from the first line and held me captive until the final moments!

In a complicated world where magic is forbidden and traded for secrets, danger and desire lurked around every corner. We follow three magic wielding women as they navigate through a life that is predetermined for them, one where they are seen as a commodity and nothing more. As they begin to push back against the social constructs that they've always known, a knew world, one more intricate and dangerous beckons.

Nightbirds uses the nostalgic constructs of a YA novel and spins a tale that feels fresh and dazzling. The world is atmospheric and provocative with a vibe that's reminiscent of the glitz and glam of the 1920's. The three main Characters are unique and relatable, each wielding a different magic and varied perspective.

This would be well suited in the hands of readers who enjoy political intrigue, whimsical magic systems, sisterhood, and a story structure that has familiar bones.

Endless thanks to Bookishfirst and the Publisher for an early copy in exchange for my honest review.