Delightful Characters, Fantastic World Building

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This debut novel sparked my interest in a genre and audience I seldom explore: a young adult, prohibition-era tale intertwined with magic. It was an absolute delight—a perfect blend of historical allure and fantastical elements. I found myself completely immersed in its world. Now, I eagerly await the sequel, feeling the unfamiliar thrill of anticipating what lies ahead. Set in the fictional city of Simta, the novel unfolds in a world where magic is prohibited but clandestinely wielded by the powerful elite for their own gain. The atmosphere is meticulously crafted, supplemented by a stunning map and inserts of various texts and letters between chapters that unveil more of the past and offer varied perspectives. The diverse character insights enable readers to connect more deeply with some individuals over others, yet they still inspire a desire to cheer for each one wholeheartedly.