Cool concept, but not quite there

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I really liked the concept. Magic that can be gifted with a kiss and the secrecy behind it was very intriguing. However, as I kept reading it was hard to follow at times and the characters lacked a bit. I didn't really connect with any of the main characters and they were not interesting enough to really get into.

The story itself could have been great, but it needed a little more work to get there. At times it was a very slow read. I am not the type of person to not finish a book, so I kept going. Overall the story was just ok. I would recommend it to someone who really loves YA fantasy because everyone has different taste and I could see the right person really falling in love with it. It's just not for me.

The cover art was very beautiful and drew me in. If the series continues I would think about adding some more depth to the characters so that the reader can connect and fall in the love with the characters.