A unique fantasy

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Thanks to the publisher because I was able to get a FREE copy through Bookishfirst!
I love the cover. It is visually stunning, and grabs your attention. The title is perfect.
The magic is similar to other fantasy books I have read. It had me thinking of the author Roshani Chokshi . The scenes in the story are vivid and descriptive. The characters all have abilities that is determined by what element they are attracted to.
The story is full of mystery, political intrigue, and hits light on the romance. It was a nice change from the current YA trends.
Overall? It's not perfect but I've got no content issues, was never bored, and flew through this book. The only reason I give 3.5 stars to it is because I wanted more! It truly felt that this story was setting the baseline for the next story- which is understandable as the author needs to create the world for it to happen! I will definitely be keeping my eye out for the next installment.