a nice read

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The cover is beautiful and drew me in. The book itself is thick and full of potential. The characters needed more depth, like they were lacking some personality. If there is a sequel, I hope the characters feel more lively. So we can connect more to the characters.

It was a slow read and hard to follow, but it was a nice read. Love the secrecy behind the magic. On how magic can be gifted by a kiss is something I haven't read before. It is a YA fantasy, so it isn't surprising to have a concept like that. Three girls have this and are call Nightbirds, they are kept as a secret for their own protection. But really it isn't like that.

I enjoyed reading the book and all the magic system it over explained. I would get the sequel (if there is going to be done) so I can know on what happens next. Get more into this fantasy world with secrets and thrilling journey.