Youthful Voice

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I did not finish this book because I felt the narrator's voice as written was very very young and young adult, which is fine for the fact it is a young adult romance, it just wasn't the vibe I was looking to read right now in this time and place. I read about one hundred and fifteen pages and just gave up on the book. I may continue this book later on but for right now I am giving up on the book.

This does not mean I hate the author's writing styles for the other books I have read from them, I think the difference is between the adult voice or the young adult voice for the narrator.

I gave a decent effort but this book was just not what I was looking to read at the present time and place along with the youthfulness of the narrator.

It could be at fault by me reading two fantasy books recently and many adult romances so I just might not have been in the young adult petty romance mood with hormones galore.