Really enjoyed this one!

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I won a copy of this through the Bookish First website, but then it didn’t get to me until after the pub date, so I didn’t get the review done as a separate post, especially since my life kind of went to heck the first couple weeks of April. But in the end I ended up enjoying it just as much as I’d hoped I would! I’ve wanted to read something by these authors for a while, but this was the first chance I got. And I am sure that I will be reading more in the future. I liked how both characters had their own take on what the deal was going to be, she thought she’d teach him how to get over her, and he thought he would convince her they should be together. The family dynamic between the two families was really great as well,, and I liked the way it added another dimension to the story, bringing in their parents' past as well. Another great book I can’t wait to share with my students!