Not great

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The synopsis sounded fine, but this book was not great at all. I listened to the audiobook, and thank goodness it was only six hours long. I don't think I could stand another minute of our annoying main character.

I can't believe we were supposed to root for her. She was selfish, mean, and annoying. She treated her best friend/ex wrongly and he just stuck with her for some reason I cannot comprehend. I just felt bad for him the whole time.

The volleyball side plot would have been okay if it wasn't about the mc complaining the whole time how she got second place in the nation as opposed to first like her mother. Then having the audacity to be upset when her mom decided to start playing volleyball again.

I just didn't get the appeal. The romance was not something I was into, and neither was the rest of the plot. Do yourself a favor and leave this one be.