Just the amount of beach I´m looking for

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From the first page on I flew through the text. So far I would rate it like a 4.25 and for me that rating is veeryy good ( I´m picky about my books). at the moment I´m looking for a cute romance with a bit of a beachy vibe and by the end ofhtat quick read i knew I needed to read this. I NEED THIS BOOK!

I like the writing style, it was smooth and pretty fast to read, if you know what I mean. There was also some quotes that I really liked. And how those quotes where fitted into the text was mafical. Even though i only read 40 pages of this book I have to say that it´s better than many. It´s captivating and just cheesy enough for a cute romance for when you just need to rest your mind. Those are my fauvorite books.

The plot (so far) is very nice and kind of refreshing after all the perfect from the get go, no break-up romances.

I don't have a lot of bad things to say about this. I liked it and I´m excited for it to come out.