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I’m obsessed with this book.

In Never Vacation With Your Ex, we follow Kaylee, a volleyball star who wants to get into the Olympics like her mom. Before the events of the novel, she began dating her best friend, Dean, but they broke up when Kaylee felt it was getting too overwhelming.

Most of this book focuses on Kaylee and her character development, and it’s easy to see why! She definitely struggles with wanting everything to be perfect, and she’s slowly cracking under the pressure of social media, volleyball, being a good daughter, and her romantic relationships.

One of my favorite parts of this book was Dean himself. From the introduction of his character, I knew immediately I was going to fall in love with him! Dean is this soft, cardigan wearing boy who loves photography, but his biggest love in life is definitely Kaylee! This boy is a simp, always focused on Kaylee and her emotions, but he’s also an absolute shithead, seeing through Kaylee’s actions and taking advantage of the situations that pop up. I can think of a certain closet scene in particular, but there are many other scenes in this book where I was screeching because of Dean’s actions!

I love books where the main character is a bit of an asshole but those who love her don’t give up on her, and I definitely think this book falls under that category as well! I definitely loved my time with this book, and I highly recommend it if you have similar reading tastes!