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I'm surprised by how fast I went "YES" to this book.

In our First Look, we are introduced to Kaylee, a teen hoping to get into the Olympics for her volleyball skills, and Dean, a photography loving, cardigan wearing, bookish soft boy. That sentence alone tells you everything you need to know about my feelings for these characters.

Kaylee and Dean used to date, but Kaylee got too scared of emotional intimacy in the relationship and broke up with him. Even worse, the two are childhood friends with families that have vacationed together every year since... well, forever. And that's not going to change just because Kaylee and Dean broke up.

I am SO excited to see what happens on this vacation! I just know it's going to be good! These two seem perfect for each other even from this First Look, and I can't wait to see Kaylee fall in love with Dean all over again!