YA Body Positivity

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This was absolutely amazing. Greer was such an wonderful main character and seeing her grow to love her body by the end of the story was so special. I related to many of the struggles she faced about having a bigger chest and it was nice to feel seen in that way. I always had issues when it came to dress shopping because like Greer I was smaller on my bottom half and heavier up top. Hearing her inner thoughts about wearing a bathing suit, trying to find a dress or hiding her body behind her clothing were all things I felt in high school and middle school. I think it's so important when books address these types of things and Laura Zimmermann really did a fantastic job. I also really enjoyed the side characters, I felt for Quin, thought Maggie was impactful and really enjoyed Jackson's positivity and kindness. This book definitely has a special place for me and I highly recommend.