Predictable, But Enjoyable

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My Eyes Are Up Here is a Young Adult novel set sometime in present-day America. Greer struggles with average teenager things - a stubborn best friend, the new boy, and being on the volleyball team while having large breasts.

The author's way of presenting her problems in a clear-cut fashion was very nice, but Greer as a character is not very awe-inspiring. Most of her behaviors seem very forced. Her character arc, while being nice, is unrealistic.

Her best friend, Maggie, is very stereotypical, and portrayed in a rather aggressive fashion. Maggie could have been done well, and her character could have been good, but it was too stereotypical for it to have any greater meaning for me.

Jackson wasn't very well written. Many of his reactions and emotions didn't feel real to me. However, I did enjoy the "trophy keeping" as a form of remembering. His sister did a very similar thing. However, those are the things I liked the best about their characters.

Overall, it isn't a super great book. It's predictable, and many of the characters are bland. However, despite my critics about it, I really did enjoy it. I would recommend it for someone looking for a clean-cut story with a good ending.