Body positive message

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Greer Walsh hides her body in sweatshirts. She hides her breasts specifically. Greer is not comfortable in her body. She prefers activities that uses her mind instead, like math. Greer is invited, encouraged to try out for the volleyball team. She meets cute, sweet, might-be-interested-in-her, new kid Jackson. Both volleyball and Jackson are outside of Greer’s comfort zone.

Every teenager has issues with their body, some more then others, yes. Greer spent a lot of time obsessing about her breasts and how other people viewed them and her. My favorite moments being inside her head were when she was not focused on her breasts, like she was learning about playing volleyball or hanging out with Jackson. I did like the butterfly addition. That was unique and fun and delightful to read.

I enjoyed Greer’s and Jackson’s relationship. They were adorable. Jackson is total book boyfriend material. He was my favorite character. I kind of missed Jackson when he didn’t have any screen time.

Maggie was a character that started off super annoying. I did not like her. At all. I could not see the point of her other then to create pointless drama and add words to the book. She redeemed herself a little by the end however, I just wish it had happened sooner and she hadn’t felt so pointless before then.

The writing was great. The setting and world building were spot on. Laura Zimmermann, I will be back to read your next book.

Over all, I give this book a 3.5/5