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I really enjoyed Murder Mile. Often in a series about a character, tales get drawn out and the characters get stagnant. But Lynda La Plante keeps Tennison fresh.
Tennison, now a detective, responds to a call about a murdered girl left in the street. The victim is unknown and lots to have been sexually assaulted. Tennison and the team work hard to identify the woman and why she was there. But the search only brings up more dead bodies. The victims are female but they don't match a victim profile. How are they connected? And how can Tennison catch those responsible.
I really love how the author has filled out and grown Jane Tennison. The character growth that she has gone through since becoming a detective is beautiful and propels the characters and the story forward. I look forward to the next book in the series and how Tennison continues to evolve.
I felt the ending was rushed and I saw it coming. There wasn't enough time to deal with the aftermath; maybe that is something Tennison will struggle with in the next one.
The Tennison series continues to grab your attention and the authors spin a great mystery