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It took me a little while to get into this story - not sure if that was due to the writing style, a slow-moving plot, or because the British language is so different from American that my mind had to do a little bit of translating as I read. All the police acronyms were a little tough as well. I have never read anything else in this series, so it might have been easier to pick it up and jump right in if the characters were already familiar to me.
I loved that I didn't figure out who it was before it was revealed, and then once I knew who did it, I still didn't know how he did it. It is always great when it is such a well-written story that you can't figure out the story before it is revealed by the author.
Jane, the main character, very likable and I can see myself reading the others in this series to see what she has done before the start of this story. I know these aren't romances, but it would be great to see her personal life be developed as well.