Thoroughly Entertaining!

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Mrs. Plansky’s Revenge was an easy, yet thoroughly entertaining, read! Right from the start, the writing draws you in and gets you hooked. I loved the premise of the story and, especially at the beginning, the storyline felt very true to life and believable - I can all too easily picture a similar scam phone call happening to my own grandparents, likely with the same unfortunate result. However, as the story continued, it definitely became a little more far fetched. While Mrs. Plansky’s continuing adventure was still entertaining to read, as the plot unfolded the book seemed to lose some of its initial charm. In the end though, I will admit the book ultimately won me over again. The friendship Mrs. Plansky forms with Dinu was absolutely heartwarming, and I would love to see these characters reunite in a sequel - I can only imagine what further adventures these two would experience when reunited!