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I had no idea what to expect when I read the preview for Mrs. Plansky’s Revenge. I don’t come across too many books where the MC is older and retired. I have to say though I was pleasantly surprised by the story and found it charming. Even though the subject matter is serious. Loretta Plansky lives a charmed life by most people’s standards. She is older and retired living in a beautiful Florida onclave. Her husband Norm has passed on but she still has her father who is in his late 90’s. Ask has two grown children and several grandchildren.

One of whom sets off a chain of events that will upend Loretta’s life. She has a sizable nest egg from her life in business with Norm. One night she unexpectedly receives a call from her grandson Will. He as he explains to her in a bind. He got himself a DUI and needs bail money. Loretta is caught off guard but of course would do anything for her family. She sends him her bank information and password. She tells Will that he needs a lawyer. He gives a strange response then hangs up.

A few days later she receives a call from her accountant asking if she had withdrawn a large amount of money recently. Confused she tells her no hadn’t. She then learns that her account had been drained and was at Zero. Loretta is shocked. From there she is determined to find out what happened to her money. She discovers a whole cyber security scam operation. Designed by young teenagers and the men that lead them. To scam older grandmothers out of their fortunes.

Loretta’s search for answers leads her all the way to to Eastern Europe. There she finds herself at the heart of the criminal operation. She is determined to get back what’s hers. I really enjoyed this fast paced story. I cannot wait for the second book.