This book took me by surprise

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Thank you to Syracuse University Press and BookishFirst for providing me with an advance copy of Mona Passage. The following is my honest opinion.

This short book took me by surprise. At first glance I though it was interesting but didn’t anticipate being too excited about the story. The Coast Guard, boats, and military maneuvers are not really my thing. However, those parts of the story really painted a backdrop rather than being the focus of this modern novel that has a lot of heart.

Pat and Galan, neighbors in Puerto Rico, form a fast friendship despite being from vastly different back grounds. Pat is a young officer in the Coast Guard. Galan is worried about his sister and wants to bring her from Cuba to the USA. There’s no easy way to bring her safely into the country, and Galan reaches out to Pat for help. This story explores what one is willing to risk. Moral questions are asked, and the answers aren’t exactly black and white.

This book is not perfect, but it was hard to put down. There were thrilling moments, but it was not a cover-to-cover thriller. Most readers will find this book engaging even until the very last page.