Good book.

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I really didn't know that I would like this book. The plot seemed intriguing but I hated the cover of the book and its not something that I would normally pick up to read. I was surprised that I really enjoyed the story.

It was a heartbreaking story from the beginning. I liked that it gave me new insights on some problems that exist in the world today. I had never realized some of the things people have to go through and are willing to go through in order to get to America. I believe that every person deserves to live in peace and safety. I liked that characters were conflicted and had to make their own choices as to what was best for them.

I think the author could have provided a little more depth for the characters and the situations they were in. I think the book could have drawn me in more if I had become more invested in the characters. I wanted to find out what happened to them but I didn't feel an emotional connection to them.