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Please take everything I say with a grain of salt just because novels like these don't tend to peak my interest anyway.

With that said, I couldn't finish this book. Mona Passage by Thomas Bardenwerper follows the story of Pat McAllister and Galan Betances, two neighbors in Puerto Rico. They have and continue to lead very different lives, one being a Cuban immigrant who want's to reunite with his sister, and the other a young U.S. Coast Guard Officer.

The themes about friendship, immigration, and responsibilities to our families were central to the story but just poorly executed. I found Pat's perspective to be simply boring and beyond his admiration for his older brother, I don't feel like I ever really knew him. Like many other reviews have commented on, this book starts as a 3 star read then dips into the 1-2 star region almost immediately afterward. I lost interest rather quickly and wouldn't recommend to others.