A Heartbreaking Story of Familial Bonds

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Immigration is a difficult issue to deal with. In this book, funded by a program called The Veterans Writing Program, which is designed to help veterans, comes this gem of a novel. In this story, we learn about Galán Betances, a Cuban immigrant living in Puerto Rico and dealing with the prospect of losing his sister who needs mental health care to the Cuban health care system. In his desperation, he has to figure out a solution to leave Cuba to have his sister treated with great care.

In his masterpiece, the author deals with complex issues that are often difficult to represent such as illegal immigration, human trafficking, PTSD, drug abuse, and military service. This particular novel deals with the harsh reality faced by refugees and migrants who seek to have a better life. Yet, they end up in precarious lives living on the edge. While discomforting, these narratives should be told and shared!