Too Slow

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I was really excited to read this book because it was deemed magical realism. I was convinced it was going to be a spiritual exploration into this small town. Which I guess isn't untrue because the pies do cause dreams and help people find what they are supposed to do, but it just felt a bit flat. It was essentially about a young woman who's husband passed away so her young daughter and herself moved back to her hometown. This storyline should have caused more of an emotional response I feel like, and it just fell flat. The characters were fine. The idea for the story was really interesting. There was family drama which should have made the story extremely compelling. None of this really did it for me. As someone from a small town who loves hearing about magic, I really thought this would be the perfect book for me. I'm sad to say it wasn't, but I really do believe that this book will be perfect for some others. So don't write it off just because of my review.