such a sweet book!

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this book was the perfect combination of whimsy, magical realism, and romance. oh, also food! can't forget the food --- speaking of, i was 100% craving a slice of pie while reading this. i would've probably baked a pie right then and there, but that would've prevented me from reading more, so i had to make do with an imaginary slice of pie!

this book was a little light on the magical realism, which was slightly disappointing --- i would've loved to spend more time immersed in the magical-realism-esque aspects!

the romance was super sweet (just like a slice of pie from the Blackbird Cafe), and i'm glad that it was given enough space in the book without completely overriding the rest of the plot.

this is the perfect book to read on a sunny spring day, when the birds are chirping, there's the slightest breeze in the air, and you have a slice of pie to accompany you while you speed through the pages of this delightful book!