Magical and comforting

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"A person you love is never truly gone --- they're always there, whether it's a memory... or a dream...or in a heart."

Midnight at the Blackbird Cafe is written like a cozy mystery with a bit of magical realism. Taking place in a small southern town, the author does a great job evoking the comfort feeling you would get living there, while also focusing on the lack of privacy. Of course, everyone in town knows everyone and everyone knows everyone's business. When two women's lives cross path in town, the book is able to focus beautifully on humanity, grief, progress, struggle, and life in general. I highly enjoyed the magical realism aspect at the cafe through the pies served and the birds living in the tree outside. If you're looking for a light but engrossing and well-written read, this is the perfect book for you. I definitely recommend it.