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This is a unique magical realism. Who wouldn’t enjoy a book with magical pie, mysterous cats and blackbirds that send you dreams?

Anna Kate is pulled to the town of Wicklow after her grandmother passed away. Her grandmother left The Blackbird cafe, and all of the magic it involves, to Anna Kate. She has to stay for two months before she’s allowed to sell. Anna Kate’s Dream is to be a doctor and she barely has enough time to get in her two required months in Wicklow before med school starts. She has a history of keeping people at a distance and that’s what she’s planning to do again this time. Her mother was a traveling nurse, so Anna Kate never had a home town. She was allowed to spend time in Wicklow either because of the drama surrounding her parents.

25 years ago, Anna Kate’s mother fled Wicklow and never returned. Her mother and father had been in a car accident and her father (AJ Linden) died. Anna Kate’s mother was pregnant with her. She survived the crash but was treated horribly by the Linden family. They blamed her for the death of their son.

No one in Wicklow, except her maternal grandmother, would know Anna Kate even existed for the next 25 years.

The story has two lead characters, the other is Natalie. Natalie was the much younger sister of AJ. She didn’t know she was an aunt.
She is back in town recovering from her own loss. Her husband passed away about two years ago and she is still struggling with his death every day. She comes back to Wicklow mainly because she knows her father will help her. He gives Natalie and her young daughter a place to live.

When Anna Kate comes to town, she has to deal with a sudden influx of family. She also has to learn how to make the magical blackberry pie that gives people dreams of lost loved ones.

The longer Anna Kate stays, the more age starts to question what she wants in life. She wants to find out her own path, not just do what her mom or her grandmother wanted. She also has to learn for the first time about opening up to other people.