I loved this book!

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Ok, this book was a wonderful little slice of heaven! It was written so well, and I really loved the characters. I read it weeks ago and I am STILL thinking about little things that happened to this day. I recommend it to all my friends, and even some strangers that I meet who are looking for a good read!

I felt like the main characters were really relatable, and unlike other books in this genre (UpLit? Fiction? I don't even know) I actually cared what happened to Anna Kate and her grandmother's cafe. There were even some more subtle things in the book that I felt like got wrapped up, and also left me wondering if they were real....and that was both thought provoking and entertaining!

Sometimes I find the Southern charm theme too played out and tired, but not with this book. I think it really added to the story, and I found it almost more believable because of the location.

I'd recommend this book! Really a feel good read and worth your time!