Cozy and wonderful

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A small Alabama town, two girls who were raised there return after years away. Kate inherites blackbird cafe from her grandmother which seems to have many mysteries of its own. Blackbirds live in the trees just outside everyone is wondering why they are there, they do not live anywhere close to Alabama. The one thing everyone goes to the cafe for is her grandmothers pie which supposedly helps those seeking comfort. Natalie also returns to the small town after her husband passed and has no where else to go but her family’s cottage. Her mother never wanted her to go to the cafe but why? What secrets are there in the blackbird cafe? The description of the landscape is vivid and you can picture yourself there. Cute and cozy read with small town vibes and baked goods. Reminds me of a Hallmark movie. Cozy witchy vibes I’m in!! Instead of broomsticks we got pies!!