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I picked up MIDNIGHT AT THE BLACKBIRD CAFE by Heather Webber when it was picked for the March #thebakerstreetbookclub book. And with that cover, I couldn’t resist posting it to wish everyone a happy Pi day! I didn’t have any Blackbird Cafe pie to enjoy, but I made do with a slice from my grocery store’s freezer. I’m not much of a fruit pie fan, but I love a good pecan pie!

MIDNIGHT AT THE BLACKBIRD CAFE finds Anna Kate returning home to Wicklow, Alabama after the death of her Granny Zee. Zee has left Anna Kate the Blackbird Cafe with a stipulation that she has to hold onto it before making any decisions to sell. Since Anna Kate is planning to fulfill a promise to her mother to go to medical school, she has no plans to stick around but she soon begins to settle in.

Anna Kate slowly uncovers information about her past. Her mother ran away from town when she was accused of killing her boyfriend in a tragic accident. Anna Kate soon realizes she has family in town and begins to get to know them and seeks to uncover the truth of what happened all of those years ago.

I really enjoyed this book! It is a mix up of a small town family drama with a bit of mystery, plus some humor and magical realism on the side. Magical realism can be a bit hit or miss for me, but I found there was just enough to give the book something special while not being too much for my tastes.

I loved the small town setting and the quirky characters. The cafe is home to some unique blackbirds that draw in a flock of birders wishing to hear their special midnight song. The town takes full advantage of the influx with creative ways to support the people all while wrapping Anna Kate into the community. There wags just enough mystery in Anna Kate’s parents’ history to keep me hooked as well.

In the end, this is a book I would recommend. It has its sad moments in the telling of the story, but overall it is a heartwarming tale.