Wrapped up a little too quickly

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Thanks to Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Mariner Books, Sameer Pandya, and Bookish First for my free copy of Members Only.

In Members Only, we meet Professor Raj Bhatt and his family. Raj is a member of an organization called the Tennis Club, similar in structure and purpose to a country club. He makes a massive racial misstep at a committee meeting for approving new members, and this could have huge ramifications in his life. Then, at the university where he teaches, he’s accused of being a reverse racist by a group of very vocal students.

Overall, this book was thought provoking and very interesting to read. It’s told in a day by day format, where each new chapter is the next day in Raj’s week. I did like that in the book, we got to see how he communicated with his wife and that the university administrators had his back.

This book has a huge drawback, unfortunately. Everything wraps up relatively neatly after one week, and it seems like these situations would take more time to go away (though I have no experience with any of the situations Raj finds himself in). At the end of the book, we jump forward a few weeks, but there aren’t many pages devoted to this time period. I would’ve loved to see how all of Raj’s situations played out in greater detail.