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Members Only tells us the story of one man's horrible week. It starts off with a meeting at his private tennis club where he and the other members (all white) are to interview new couples to join the club. As an Indian man and the only one at their club, Raj has always felt like he doesn't fit in, at least not as well as his white wife. For years he's put up with micro-aggressions from his peers in an effort to make his family fit in. So, when an African American couple interviews to join the club, Raj is absolutely thrilled. He wants the club to be more diverse and desperately wants them to join. But then his nerves get the better of him and in an effort to connect with the couple, he makes a racist joke and the entire club immediately turns on him. Soon, word gets out and his job is in jeopardy, thus begins the spiral that becomes Raj's life.

Humorous and brutally honest, what Sameer Pandya does here is incredible. Members Only brings up a lot of uncomfortable questions for us as a society to bear witness. From questions of belonging, privilege, unawareness, and social acceptance, it holds a mirror to racism in America from a new perspective. A definite must read!!